Now a strong hold on Kingsland Road, this visit has certainly reaffirmed my custom. A fail safe good Italian restaurant. Art deco wall paper and dim lighting immediately calms you as you are lead to the back of the restaurant, already miles away from the busy main road.

Candle lit tables and a great wine list mean it is one of my top date choices when I just want to walk down the road, but it has lovely booths for four people also. Something that always wins my heart is the style Italians eat their food and to get the best out of Rotorino, follow the format (Starter, pasta, main, dessert). With this in mind I was on a date and felt guilty making him pay for me to eat four courses of food.. So we start with the pasta course.

Above you can see an aubergine pasta, perfectly al dente the pasta has that wonderful ‘bite’ to it. The menu is ever changing so the choice is always difficult as they have so many seasonal specials. Below is my choice, venison pasta, I love a pasta with a rich meaty flavour like the stock has been cooked down for hours.


We move of on to the mains, after the carbs I opted for the Aubergine parmigiana, such powerful flavours my taste buds were completely satisfied after every bite of aubergine, tomato and parmesan, I didn’t want to finish it.


Being with a man of course he ordered the hanger steak and fried new potatoes. Hanger steak is prized for its flavour and that is certainly the case here, served medium-rare unless requested.


You cannot refuse an Italian dessert! The chocolate cake took our fancy.. to share of course well that’s what every women says 😉 honey comb and pistachios on top. Really it is a stiff mousse I cannot image it has been baked, the chocolate flavour is intense coating my pallet, along with the last of the red wine.
20151008_215714-1This restaurant is a little more of a treat, be it mid week or the weekend it always has a nice buzz somewhere you should spend a little longer to really enjoy each course and your surroundings.



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