Cafe Route

Another shamefully close restaurant to my house, Cafe Route is located at Dalston Junction. The perfect place for lunch, or even just a coffee in the the sun, whether or not you nab a table outdoors it has floor to ceiling windows meaning a bright and open space all year round.
Nothing is more inviting than huge plates of freshly prepared, seasonal salads, Ottolenghi style with that Middle East feel that no one is creative enough to make at home.


At three salads on a plate for £8.50 we were sold before we sat down, (if your hungry, four for £9.50). The choices are all vegetarian, but its not something you will notice as you battle with the decision of narrowing down the selection to only three.

Here you can see the sweet potato, aubgerine and broccolli salads. All with the satisfying textures and crunch of fresh vegetables in the right places.


And another delightful salad but with Tabbouleh.


If you work in this area I am already jealous that you can eat here on a weekday lunch and I only get it for the weekends. It feels like the perfect naughty treat but it is so healthy. Of course I will be back! They do a selection of hot food and sandwiches as well of course you can have these with the salads! Oh and they serve Monmouth coffee.. can you ask for any more!


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