The Kitty Hawk

The city has always been a bit of an alien place for me, within Liverpool Street, Moorgate and Bank lies the no go triangle, unless you are employed to do so. The Kitty Hawk finds me with a reason to venture in, with the call of coffee, freshly made pastries and all day dining. After… Read More The Kitty Hawk


90 Degree Melt

Weekends are for brunch, and if like me you are bored of the same old ‘English fry up’ you too are always on the hunt for something new and a little different. 90 degree melt invited me down to give them a try. Of course pre visit I had drooled over their melted cheese based… Read More 90 Degree Melt

Oi Hanoi

My on going addiction to Pho Mile has left me with blind to other Vietnamese restaurants anywhere else in London. My thought process leads me directly to Hoxton as soon as I’m in the mood for Pho. So when my friend recommended Oi Hanoi in Whitechapel it threw me, but with good reviews online, off… Read More Oi Hanoi