An over enthusiastic girl from East London, by day I am the Operations Manager for Weanie Beans, by night I’m a ruthless carnivore, specialty coffee addict and dessert fiend.

I love eating good food, making and baking good food, foraging by land and sea, catch it kill it eat it is the most satisfying way of life.

This constant hunt for fulfillment and love of East London leads me around, from street food to tasting menus, pop ups to supper clubs and here I am sharing it all with Eating East…

Also my love of specialty coffee has turned into a little bit of an obsession and now my full time job, partly down to the awesome site Perfect Daily Grind who I do a little writing for.

The Rise of Smashed Avocado Toast

Along with Weanie Beans who I also write for:

Sample roasting in a Popcorn Maker

If you would like to work with me, please feel free to drop me an email on: jess@jburrell.co.uk



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