The Ship Tavern

Tucked away behind Holborn station, The Ship Tavern, a classic British pub, a rare find in itself now. We are here for ‘the dining room’, their restaurant with its own entrance. We head upstairs to be met with the aroma of a home cooked roast.

Settled down into our booth, already away from the city’s hustle and bustle we mull over the wine list, there is a good selection by the glass, although we chose a bottle, you know, just in case. We opt to share a starter, calamari with spring onion mayo, which really livened up the fairly standard squid.


It is a Sunday, a roast is essential. I chose lamb, my favourite meat that I never cook enough of at home.


Dinning with a veggie is always interesting, will they just be served a cheesy stuffed vegetable, not here… The Ship Tavern offers the ‘vegetarian wellington’ with no description of whats inside, needless to say it is absolutely delicious, goats cheese and sweet potatoes creamed together wrapped in perfectly cooked pastry.


Both the roasts are served with crispy yet fluffy roasties, steamed vegetables, a taster of creamy cauliflower cheese (I could have eaten this as a meal alone!) and a big olde yorkshire pub on top (they have thought about the soggy Yorkshire problem). The whole thing is of course covered in a generous helping of not to thick/not to thin gravy.

We are incredibly full, with a short break and sip of wine we are ready for dessert..


A course that I’m a little fussy about, here the desserts are classic British puddings with a modern and lighter feel. We share the lemongrass crème brulee with raspberry sobert and the peanut butter jelly cheesecake with oreo base. Both are clearly homemade and have had a lot of thought put in to them; the flavours balance perfectly. The crème brulee actually tastes of lemon grass! The cheese cake is so light, both desserts go down far too easily.

Dinner is finished and we head downstairs to the pub with the last of our wine to listen to some live jazz, that is a perfect Sunday right?


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