Barcelona Tapas

Meeting friends for dinner after work, sometimes it’s all about location, and Barcelona Tapas near Aldgate East was equidistant between our offices. We were really in the mood for some tapas.

We arrive, it is in the City so it was rife with suits drinking by the bar,  no one actually eating. We are seated and order some sangria to forget about our busy days. It was delicious, not too expensive (£12 a litre) and had a lovely warming red wine/brandy flavour.


The menu is pretty extensive so we tried to pick a good selection from across the board. As you expect with tapas it comes when it’s ready, although it felt like the waitress barely made it too the kitchen before she was coming back with our croquetas de jamon iberico. Great thing to start us off with lovely light and soft in texture.


Then come the mushrooms and ‘patas bravas’ ..

What can I say, I think the photos almost speak for themselves, no seasoning, plain, like school food, not offensive but not something you would choose to eat. Next come the chorizo ring and lamb skewers. This may not be relevant and call me pedantic but they were served on giant plates?! Firstly it is called tapas for a reason and secondly it barely fits on the table with all the other food.

Its fake ‘balsamic glaze’ drizzled and decorative garnish plonked on the side, it’s just not authentic, the flavour was ok. The lamb was so chewy that they took it off the bill.

   20150916_184913 20150916_185402
Finally the vegetable ‘paella’ it was like Uncle Bens dried out in the oven. There is not someone in the kitchen chopping vegetables in perfect squares!

All the food is brought in. As a bar great, if it is convenient the sangria is good, as a restaurant, well while we were there no one else was eating, we wish we had followed suit.

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