Escudo De Cuba

20150927_200241My knowledge of Cuba is fairly limited, stretching to beach shacks, rum bars, cigars and simple island food. We stepped into Escudo De Cuba and first impression, I wasn’t far off. Dimly lit with upbeat reggae in the background and a lot of wooden paneling. We are seated and informed that happy hour will be ending soon, we quickly order some Margaritas, it’s a Sunday.

I start to look at the menu, pleasantly surprised, strong influences from Mexico, Latin America and Spain with tapas as an option. We have two starters to share, prawns and my absolute weakness fried plantain.


Both full of flavour, fresh and well seasoned. Next our main courses, we tried not to pick a burrito or something we knew all of the ingredients.

Instead we had ‘Plato Cubanito’ a chicken and pork dish and ‘Mero En Salsa De Vino Blanco’, a fish dish. They both had their own themes and flavours running through them.The pork and chicken richer with black beans and fried yuca… The fish served with what I worked out to be garlicky pureed yam, along with various veggies and the essence of white wine, it was so delicious and the portion sizes are big. So much so in fact that we did not have dessert, a rarity for me.

Great local restaurant with an interesting menu, reasonably priced and a happy hour, I will definitely return to try other dishes or just to drink Margaritas. Although be warned, we were paying the bill and our waiter planted two tequila shots on our table, on the house. It would be rude to decline.. even on a Sunday.


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