New Street Grill – bottomless brunch

A ‘bottomless brunch’ is a strange animal, promoting binge drinking in the middle of the day with a strict time limit. Hey I’m not judging it, I’m ‘reviewing’ it, well that is what I was telling myself four glasses of prosecco in…

Bottomless brunches also get booked up quickly, usually with a set menu and unlimited alcohol (most likely prosecco or bloody marys). A last minute booking, we chose New Street Grill (at 11am?!) for location and a good set menu.

Cheers, and.. the clock is ticking. Let us begin, it is still 11am so we start with some granola, yogurt, fresh fruit and honey.


It was lovely, well presented fresh, if I was super fussy a little sweet with the honey, but my friend loved it, so personal taste. We both had the full English with brown toast, along with more prosecco..


This tasted good, high quality meats and perfectly scrambled eggs. The bread was actually a bit of a favourite, real whole wheaty sourdough goodness.

Finally we shared a dessert of a fresh cream eclair with raspberries and vanilla cream, this was the low point of the meal we wanted more flavour of raspberries and a thicker cream. The cream had a wonderful vanilla bean aroma but I can’t pour the cream straight from the jug into my mouth!20150912_123917

Finally the question on everyone’s lips… did they refill our glasses continuously? Yes, they did I mean we weren’t knocking it back and then staring down every waiter.. We were very courteous and polite, thus we received great service and an endless flow of prosecco. What more can you want? Other than the fact that they have a lovely garden hidden away to dine in, to catch the last of the summer sun, check it out!

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