A long standing popular Japanese restaurant on Upper Street, Angel, with friends in tow I thought it would be a safe bet try out as it has a wide menu selection; from sushi and small plates to share, to curries and big bowls of noodles.


On to the starters we shared some  Futomaki (thick sushi) one with soft shell crab and teriyaki and one with tofu and shiitake mushrooms. Both of them really tasty, if you are a soft shell crab fan then definitely give this a try, the tempura was so light letting the crab flavour come through.


Some Chiikuwa isobe age (Japanese fish cakes) and a sweet dipping sauce, some delicate white fish again incased in that perfect light tempura, great for sharing. Without stereotyping Asian restaurants, I never get too exciting about the alcohol list, we had beer and wine which, for the price was actually pretty good.

For mains we had a Ten don Donburi (Prawn and vegetable tempura on rice) a fairly simple light dish with lovely big prawns..


An Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) with a choice of fillings, we went for prawns. This is something I had never tried, it can be made in various ways, at Tenshi they had a base of shredded cabbage and the warming taste of ginger in the background. The best comparison would be like the Japanese version of an omelette, it felt so homely like something your Mum would make you.


Finally the old favourite Chicken katsu curry, bit of a cop out I know, but it is hard to resist and I am happy to say didn’t disappoint. The satisfying taste of katsu curry sauce I am familiar with and the crispy chicken pieces with sticky rice.

This is good food made from the heart real ‘homestyle’ Japanese cuisine, we left full and satisfied. A great location with bars all around it, friends, family or a first date there is something for everyone here.




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