E5 Bakehouse

Nothing beats getting a weekday off when it is sunny and you can smugly wander through London while stressed city workers pace past you to their next meeting. I’m meandering through London Fields with no schedule or priorities, just a book under my arm and the day ahead.
A long breakfast in the sun is in order and E5 Bakehouse is just the ticket, a well established East London bakery famous for their sourdoughs and ryes. Not only that a little birdy once told me that Micheal Roux Jr makes a trip East to get his bread from E5 Bakehouse.
It always has a good buzz, and over the weekend at peak times it is busy, but it’s a weekday, so I take a seat in a prime sunny location and head into the arch to see whats on the menu.
20160812_105139As recommended I go for the bircher muesli, a Chash chai tea and a maple and date cake. I want to stretch my legs, enjoy the fantastic weather and take my time over breakfast.
The tea was perfect, served in a teapot to stay warm for long enough to soak up the morning sun. Chash tea, is a high quality loose leaf tea and their chai is delicately spiced with warming cinnamon, cardamon, clove and ginger notes, perfectly echoing the soft spices in my bircher muesli.
The bircher was a hearty bowl of apple juice soaked oats, fruit compote, spices, milk and sprinkled with walnuts. Plenty of flavours and textures to keep me munching my way through.
20160812_105311And finally I still had a few sips of tea to enjoy my pecan and maple cake, which happened to also be vegan. Incredibly moist and gooey without being cloying, washed down with soothing Chai.
I must have sat their for at least an hour and a hour, it was the most peaceful breakfast I have had in a long time.



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