Liberty Cheesesteak

Most Mondays I’m reprimanding myself for drinking that little bit (a lot) too much and staying out that little bit later than I should. Leading me on a hunt for the obligatory carb heavy lunch. I haven’t been to Philadelphia but they are famous for the ‘cheesesteak’, a huge sandwich of peppery steak, onions and wiz cheese in a soft white sub; hangover cure, I think yes!


I headed down to Liberty’s permanent van based in Spitalfields market in Shoreditch, dragging along the essential hangover. I order up half a cheesesteak and half one of their specials sandwich (todays buffalo chicken), chips with wiz and a cream soda.


Thankfully they have a conveniently placed seating area for me to enjoy the ridiculous quantity of food I ordered…


Greedily unwrapping it all I tuck into the classic cheesesteak, soft white bread stuffed with thinly sliced juicy fillet steak, it was incredibly moreish. The wiz cheese adds moistness but it isn’t overly cheesey, almost like a cheese and mayo cross; with this discovery I tuck into the chips.


I still have the buffalo chicken to try, one of their rotating specials. I love orange buffalo chicken, wings especially, so I was willing this to be good. The buffalo flavour was there, and the chicken was well cooked but I preferred to eat it on its own without the bread.

For me it was all about the classic Philly Cheesesteak, worth a try when you are craving a big lunch in Spitalfields.

Thanks Liberty’s for giving me a much needed free lunch, all opinions as always are my own.


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