Oi Hanoi

My on going addiction to Pho Mile has left me with blind to other Vietnamese restaurants anywhere else in London. My thought process leads me directly to Hoxton as soon as I’m in the mood for Pho. So when my friend recommended Oi Hanoi in Whitechapel it threw me, but with good reviews online, off I cycled out of my comfort zone.

I arrived to to Oi Hanoi, it’s a casual mid week dining vibe, lunch or dinner and plenty of extra seating upstairs. The menu is vast, but my friend (conveniently) knows the owner, so bring on the chefs recommendations..
A salmon summer roll, though I haven’t had salmon in a summer roll and it may not be as traditional it isn’t straying from the familiar fresh rice roll recipe. The salmon works really well almost like eating sushi.
Next we have the this feast! In the bowls are a pork belly Vietnamese salad and a Hanoi chicken curry. The pork belly crispy yet soft with spiralized veggies and rice noodles refreshing. The Hanoi curry I was completely getting stuck into, it reminded me of a cross between a Thai/Malaysian curry with chunks of waxy potatoes in there too.
On the plates we have two of Banh Coun which are steamed rice crepes, one filled with prawn and one with pork. The other plate is Bo La Lot, spiced beef wrapped in seaweed with lettuce, tasty but could have done more beef.
Just in case we hadn’t eaten enough for two people we had some more, pork spring rolls and who can resist salt and chilli squid! It was so delicious, one of my fav dishes along with the curry and summer rolls.
Finally and I really was not expecting these.. we had dessert! I have to admit that Asian desserts to make me a bit nervous. We had Lychee Tapioca and coconut pudding and Warm Palm sugar and banana sticky rice. Apart from the fact that I was bursting from the seams they were both delicious, the tapioca a lighter more approiately summery dessert and the sticky rice just like a sweet risotto served with fried banana, which is one of my weaknesses (along with most food..)

Overall the meal is more modern and the same price if not cheaper than the Vietnamese’s on Pho Mile, although it might not be the area you gravitate to definitely worth a visit for a great Vietnamese.



2 thoughts on “Oi Hanoi

  1. Seriously, was drooling the whole time reading this post! Ugh sounds so good but so far away! Will make sure to put it on our list though!

    Glad you experience something out of your comfort zone, thanks for sharing!

    Jessica & James


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