Christabel’s Supperclub

Supperclubs always have a mysterious air to them, you are booking to go to a party but you don’t know the host or any of the other guests.

Christabel was our host and the supperclub was named an, ‘Edible Vacation’, I arrive at her own flat in Angel and knock on the door, I’m not sure what I was expecting as I was handed a jar of gin, ginger and lime with edible glitter of course.


 I am introduced to the other guests while given the chance to explore the quirks of Chistabels flat. It is like I have fallen down the rabbit hole, and my stressful day at work is long behind me.



We are seated in front of our own little packed suitcases with all our holiday essentials, tiny towel (napkin), sunglasses, a postcard and pen, let the Vakay begin…   20160519_191934

Our starters are a build your own quinoa sandcastle, we are equipped with a bucket, space and castle decorations, bacon, cherry tomatoes and asparagus. Perfect food to get the table talking as we pass around the ‘sand’ pack it down into the little bucket ready to turn it out onto the plate and get creative. 20160519_193215

I was so proud of my castle, and then realised maybe is doesn’t look quite as impressive in photos! Especially not after I started drizzling the tasty luminous sauces all over it and my castle was just a brightly coloured mound of flavours.

20160519_193536 We are sitting in an open plan kitchen, yet before I knew it the mains were plated up, so quietly with absolutely no fuss, I can tell you that my kitchen wouldn’t be so organised or tidy if I were cooking dinner for 10! We are served a big juicy piece of salmon marinated in honey and soy with purple sweet potato and spiralized courgette, the salmon was the highlight with optional ‘sun cream’ on the table to smoother it with, I think the veg could have had more bite and flavour.



The sunset over the canal and dessert was served while we were all busily writing our postcards. Salted caramel tart with coconut an lime ice cream with some sprigs of fresh thyme. A perfect way to finish the evening, as my holiday came to an end, we were all rather merrier than went we started.


You will never find one supperclub the same as the next and there is a huge range on Tabl, it is a wonderful opportunity for adventurous foodies to try something a little different.

I was invited to Christabels by Tabl along with the Luxury Columnist, so here is her review.

Or check out another Tabl supperclub I have been to with Cameroonian and French inspiration here.


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