Matango Supperclub

The lure of a supperclub, when you don’t really know what to expect but the menu has captivated you. invited me to one of their foodie events and I was excited. Carine our chef was born and raised in Cameroon before she moved to France to train professionally. Tonight the dishes would be inspired by her journey through the food.
The dinner is held in a cafe in East London, we sit and open our BYOB as the appetizers are brought around…

Banana and Cassava beignets with a choice of her sauces. Hot delicious treats crispy on the outside and smooth on the inside like an African croquette. Both the sauces are delightful, one fresh and green the other so hot but wait a minute… you want more.

The first course above was a beautiful fish course perfectly cooked with fresh vegetables and another of Carines sauces.

On to a between course salad, just a few bites, fresh and flavourful.

The main, suvee chicken with cannellini beans and more of the secret sauces. Carines sauces really make the dishes, not only that she pops out between courses to talk about the dishes, giving a lovely personal touch to the evening.

Finally the dessert, chewy brownies, elderflower ice cream and fresh pineapple, all the warm brownie/cold ice cream goodness you want.

Every supperclub is different; with individual cuisines, unique dining experiences and a memorable night! It is perfect, you can go to as many as you like and never get bored as they are ever changing, a foodie dream!



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