Bad Egg

Let’s by pass all this ‘healthy’ New Year thing and just go straight in for a boozy bottomless brunch; famously named for its limitless alcohol. This is a really fun thing to do with a group of friends, they usually have a set menu so when you split the bill you wont be stung by Sally’s habit of ordering the most expensive meal and that extra bottle of wine she necks, or worse, leaves half behind.

If you are somewhat of a bottomless brunch connoisseur (like myself) then there are a few key things that are important since there is a lot of competition in East London especially. Let’s talk about Bad Egg in Moorgate, with a good price of £35 a head. We went at midday Sunday and had booked in advance.

When you arrive you become incredibly aware of your 2 hour time slot starting and you need a drink in your hand (value for money and all that) we are seated, and immediately offered a drink, brownie points.


The menu it formatted in a way for you to choose any three small plates, a breakfast tapas if you will! A well thought idea to spread out the food over the two hours you are there.

The food sounds delicious all twists on classic breakfast choices and we struggled to pick just three each! We start with the kimchi, pork and beans on toast. It is quite small, but my worries are washed away with the free poured fizz.


Next dish, I chose the rib ends and blue sauce dip, I cant remember what anyone else ordered at this point. Mine is served in essentially a thimble and it is a losing battle of will power and free alcohol.

Final plate, something on toast? I’m sure it tasted good, we agreed all the plates were well cooked and the flavours as you would expect. The drinks were poured continuously without having to ask at all. The only slight niggle we would have is that the plates are a little small, it really is breakfast sized, and with the quantity of alcohol consumed..


Above is the last known photo of my phone.. RIP served me well (proof of a good brunch right there)

3 thoughts on “Bad Egg

  1. Ha great, honest post! I love bottomless, but you do need a decent sized portion of food to soak up that fizz! Think I’ll give this place a miss. have you tried Jones and Sons, Dalston? Unlimited food AND drink 😉


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