Indian Veg

My friend lured me into an all you can eat vegetarian Indian buffet. At £6.50 how wrong can you go? Apparently it has been around for 30years!

We brought alcohol and empty stomachs..


The exterior doesn’t sell it, and well really the interior doesn’t either with the walls covered in ‘vegetarian propaganda’ making bold claims about being a vegetarian..  (take it with a pinch of salt)


Proof is in the pudding right? I can’t help myself when it comes to choice so I try it all.

Honestly this is round 1 of 3. If you are the kind of person that likes to feel like they are getting value for money, then this is only a place to take your friends or a partner that you know will not leave your side, ever, even when you are undoing the the top button of your jeans shifting on your seat with discomfort yet I am still eating.

It is a £6.50 all you can eat buffet; the veg in the curries is from frozen, but the salad is fresh, the flavours are good, maybe not varied enough but certainly satisfying.

(92-93 Chapel Market, N1 9EX they don’t have a website..!)


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