This has been hot to open since before Christmas and I have had my eye out for it. Now in pride of place at the Dalston end of Kingsland Road it has been busy for dinners every time I walk past. Finally I dropped in, sat at the bar, which looks into their little kitchen area and you can see all the skewers on what looks like a mini Mangal.

With an inviting cocktail list and helpful staff to guide you around the menu, I was already looking forward to this katsu curry scotch egg one of their most popular plates.


It really Really lived up to the expectations, soft boiled, so crispy on the outside and this thick sumptuous katsu sauce on the side.

Next small plates were some fried chicken, (I couldn’t help myself!) So so crispy and crunchy with salted seaweed flakes and sour lemon to cut through the flavour. Along with some marinated cucumber, doesn’t sound like much but perfect alongside meat as a refreshing tangy addition between plates.


On to the skewers I chose the classic Negima (chicken thigh and spring onion) as recommended and the baby aubergine because I love a smokey aubergine! The chicken is inter-spaced with spring onions and has the crispiest skin, so delicious. Simple flavours but then with the tangy cucumber and some smokey aubergine, everything works so well together. Great to share with friends, an awesome restaurant for Dalston.

New on the block and definitely worth a visit, I am already regretting not having the chicken skewer with an egg yolk!


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