The Kitty Hawk

The city has always been a bit of an alien place for me, within Liverpool Street, Moorgate and Bank lies the no go triangle, unless you are employed to do so. The Kitty Hawk finds me with a reason to venture in, with the call of coffee, freshly made pastries and all day dining. After… Read More The Kitty Hawk



Yes!! Finally Smokestak has opened a restaurant. Smokestak being barbecue/smoked meat heaven in various street food markets. Barjan Dave the founder of everything smoked has been fine tuning his cooking skills for years. He uses a combination of barbecuing and smoking to create, I think the best ribs in London; it is all about the… Read More Smokestak


Lyles has been on my radar but with some mixed reviews, it had dropped down my ‘go to’ list. However, I had a much needed lunch with a fellow coffee lover Brian from Brian’s Coffee Spot and we had both heard of the mysterious coffee bar inside Lyle’s, all of a sudden it was an… Read More Lyles


Walking to Pidgin reminded me of my love of East London, you cut down an unassuming back street passing Violets a fantastic little bakery that has made quite a name for itself using such a small space so productively.  A little further along is Borough Wines, still open with dim lights casting a shadow on… Read More Pidgin