The Jones Family Project

Well the clue is in the name, The Jones Family head up this all day dining restaurant and bar. East London is suddenly speckled with big budget celebrity chef restaurants drawing you in with their marketing campaigns, so my heart warms to an independent family project. Steak is their speciality and their meat supplier is The Ginger Pig, for me one of the best butchers in London.

We book in for a Monday night, a boost for the week ahead and I do my usual fast in the day while practically memorising the menu before we arrive. The restaurant is located downstairs, a warm relaxed setting with the kitchen in the background. While we check out the cocktail list, I have a hankering for some red wine as I anticipate the red meat to follow. The wine list is categorised by country or by style, and they offer a ‘recommended’ list depending on the main you choose, perfect, I pick the ‘great’ Chilean. We get stuck into the food menu.
Our starters arrive while I take a sip of the absolutely delicious red. In the foreground we have pig cheeks with carrot puree and at the back with have Atlantic scallops with parsnip and pomegranate. Pork and scallop mouthfuls sweetened with soft root vegetables. The scallops had been faultlessly pan fried leaving them melting in my mouth.
We eagerly await our main course, prime rib. I spy the meat resting above the grill, with its deep brown crust cracking with salt and fat, sliced to share, perfectly cooked medium rare with the bone laying beside it ready to be gnawed.
For the sides, we chose from their potato menu, yes! potato menu, triple cooked chips (obviously) and vintage Cheddar croquettes. And then some seasonal greens, because, you know, 5 a day etc.
The meat was incredible, marbled with fat, crisp exterior yet so tender inside. We had a couple of sauces, peppercorn and red wine, but honestly I had to eat the steak on its own, its impeccable flavour needed my full attention. And as we finished I enjoyed the last meaty morsels on the bone with my final sip of wine.
We relaxed comfortably full and thought, when in Rome, and ordered Anna’s triple chocolate brownie for dessert served with coconut ice cream and toasted coconut, adding some warm nutty flavours to the chocolate combo.
We left marveling at the awesome meal we just had, the steak in particular was fantastic! And great value compared to London steak restaurants, couldn’t recommend it more.

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