Red Rooster

My blog has taken a back seat for a few months but what certainly hasn’t paused is my eating around East London. I now have the wonderful job of remembering all the highlights whilst adding to the growing list.
Starting off with a bang, Red Rooster, a new restaurant in The Curtain Hotel, a super swanky new hotel and members club in Shoreditch. Thankfully East Londoners can still afford to visit the bar on the ground floor and the ‘Harlem’ style restaurant underground.
We booked and visited on a Friday night, starting in the bar with some cocktails with complex yet flavourful ingredients, just maybe not enough of the strong stuff? I’m not sure it was a Friday but the first drink simply evaporated.

We headed downstairs following the reams of eclectic staff and settle ourselves in the dimly lit with a hint of sparkle restaurant.

20170707_184202 The chef Marcus Samuelsson is known for ‘soul food’ Ethiopian, Swedish born and New York raised. The menu has dishes to highlight all of Samuelsson’s food experiences with rich American style sharing plates, Swedish meatballs and everything in-between.

We start with an American classic deviled eggs, perfectly paired with salted chicken skin.


For mains we cannot resist the ‘Obama ribs’ named as Obama is a fan of Samuelssons food. This huge pan of short ribs was plonked in front of us, slow cooked, tender, succulent, juicy, melt in the mouth it was everything we wanted.


Finally for dessert, which we were determined to squeeze in, we choose the Red velvet cake. Red Rooster have taken the portion size and best bits of a red velvet perfectly to make almost a patisserie, with cream cheese ice cream, we wolfed it down.
All in all ‘soul food’ describes it exactly, we left satisfied and stuffed.


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