The Holy Birds

My favourite part of the weekend, brunch. Although I actually do sneak in a simple pre-brunch breakfast to tide me over. Anyway! My latest find is The Holy Birds, famed for fried chicken, cocktails and a 70s vibe, metres away from Liverpool St Station.

As I walked in I can say I was not expecting such a jazzy carpet so close to the city, certainly 70s! We order up some bucks fizz, the appropriate amount of alcohol to have in the morning. Although they do serve a boozey brunch with Babysham, holding strong to the 70s theme.


A well made bucks fizz with freshly squeezed orange juice, it makes all the difference. We gaze over at the menu as I tell myself I should not eat a whole beer can chicken for brunch.

Of course we have to pick something with fried chicken though. We chose it served in a burger with avo and chips on the side. I asked for a little pot of their house gravy. Thank goodness I did, so chicken-y and more-ish all over chips (and chicken).



For our other main we went for the duck eggs with chorizo, the yolks in duck eggs are so big, oh my why do we even eat chickens eggs?! For me perfectly fried with the runniest yolk to soak up with the sourdough underneath.


Finally we have a sort of brunch dessert, because who can resist french toast? We tuck into not the most beautiful plate. but the most moist, vanilla infused creamy brioche! It was hard to believe this was originally a piece of bread. Served with a forest fruit compote and mascarpone to cut through the sweetness, great balance.

Overall an awesome brunch, stand out for me was the fried chicken, the duck eggs, and the fluffy vanilla brioche. Since their dinner menu revolves around fried chicken, I need to try it in all of its forms.


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