The Kitty Hawk

The city has always been a bit of an alien place for me, within Liverpool Street, Moorgate and Bank lies the no go triangle, unless you are employed to do so. The Kitty Hawk finds me with a reason to venture in, with the call of coffee, freshly made pastries and all day dining. After rush hour dies down I venture to ‘city’ and crane my neck to see the sky before stumbling upon The Kitty Hawk, behind floor to ceiling windows. The restaurant and cafe is split with two entrances, As it is a little early for lunch, I find myself in their cafe, a comfy chair, essential coffee and pastry for my mornings work.


Working from home for me is work in progress, and still takes practice to this day. I take my eyes of my laptop and my home looks like a play room to distract me. Well, not this morning, I am hair tied back hard at work in The Kitty Hawk. When my eyes glance away at the ebb and flow of city workers following their morning rituals I am jolted back to my laptop. I enjoy my pastry far too quickly and my gaze falls back to their mountain of homemade cakes.

Lunchtime beckons, I meet my partner and we move into their expansive restaurant aptly named, ‘the department of dining’, little did I realise they have a further room downstairs for evening dining. For lunch in the city this is wonderfully bright, airy and of course has a slightly nautical theme.


I felt exuberant and ordered us some mocktails, while looking at the menu; essentially a posh lunch menu with flat bread sandwiches, sliders and salads, known ingredients from award winning producers. It feels like just the right amount of adventurous for lunch, as we go for the ‘award winning burger’ and paprika chicken skewers.


What can I say, I am a sucker for beautiful crockery. The chicken is tangy, fresh and the burger although a little well done, the home-smoked tomatoes are magnificent.


We move on to dessert, feeling a little full but gluttonous. Chocolate cake and seasonal meringue. The ‘cake’ more like a decedent dessert, chocolate, caramel and fruit sticking in my mouth. The meringue even bigger than I expected but with that crumbly soft centre and just crispy exterior.

The Kitty Hawk do dining well, although based in the city you will want to stay there far longer than a lunch hour, trust me I’ll be back for dinner.


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