90 Degree Melt

Weekends are for brunch, and if like me you are bored of the same old ‘English fry up’ you too are always on the hunt for something new and a little different. 90 degree melt invited me down to give them a try. Of course pre visit I had drooled over their melted cheese based yet imaginative menu.

I visited with another blogger, Mark from @smokebark and my partner. We start with a champagne cocktail and the elusively name ‘amaze-balls’, cheese balls to you and I…
We drank our cocktails as we discussed how good could a ball of melted cheese be. Little did we know the owner Nidhi from Indian decent had lived in America before moving to East London. Meaning her food is American inspired with just a touch of spice to bring some depth to the cheese-y goodness. The cheeseballs are a great example of this; melted brie, wrapped in lightly spiced bombay potatoes, deep-fried, plated with pickled onion, coriander and summac. You couldn’t have guessed the combination, but all of the ingredients perfectly compliment the gooey melted brie without over shining it.

We move on to their bigger brunch plates, sharing the green shakshuka and cornbread with eggs, avo and spicy chipotle sauce. Took us all longer than it probably should to realise the whole menu is vegetarian and most dishes can be vegan or gluten free, with substitute cheese and bread available.

Once again the dishes are filled with more delicious flavours than you are expecting, roasted red peppers adding to the smoked flavours on the homemade cornbread. The shakshuka is topped with feta, pomegranate and pumpkin seeds bringing a bright crunch to the hot green goodness.

Finally we indulge in ‘dessert’ sharing the pancakes and French toast, with the essential coffee on the side. The pancakes credit where credits due were vegan, since I’m a milk and egg fan I prefer traditional style. The french toast was as soft and pillow-y as you could want, for us it out shadowed the pancakes probably even our brunch dish of choice!

What James thinks:
I’m a meat eater deep to the core…so a restaurant that only serves vegetarian food was always going to be an interesting one. Turns out that “interesting” is a good verb in this case and it wasn’t until nearing the end of our visit that I even noticed a key foodstuff was conspicuous by its absence! After all the incredibly well thought through brunch combinations the absolute highlight for me was the phenomenal french toast with their light texture and a taste that kept you wanting more….but being an American themed place there was obviously enough to keep me happy. Well worth the trip for these alone!



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