Franze and Evans

Franze and Evans, is a well established cafe/restaurant on Redchurch Street. Years ago as a young 18 year old, ‘exploring’ East London, I can remember taking my first tentative steps on Brick Lane and it felt like a different world. A busy market is one thing but the eclectic mix of food, people, fashion, blended in to a mishmash of shops, markets and pop ups was overwhelming. Years ago it felt like an adventure discovering all corners of Brick Lane, ticking off so many ‘firsts’ for me in the big city. When you reach the top of Brick Lane the people start to dwindle, where you can branch off down Redchurch Street, and there you will stumble upon Franze and Evans.

Walking into this friendly cafe with communal seating, you get a sense of ‘London life’.  You are in the heart of East London, but you could be in Notting Hill, the cafe is always busy and the counter is always piled high with the incredible savory and sweet delights.
Franze is French and Evans is English, they started this cafe because of their love of food. I can’t help myself but choose a large plate of three salads (brunch is also a strong option). You might not think of this as an exciting choice, until you see their daily changing seasonal salad plates; piled high with beautifully cooked colourful veg, protein, seeds with homemade dressings. And furthermore the endless combinations they invent.
Finally you would understand my salad choice as I head back up to the counter, like a kid in a sweet shop, to choose my dessert. This time I go for banana loaf with salted caramel icing, and a flat white to complement. Their cakes are fresh, homemade and beautifully presented, they taste as good as they look. My Shoreditch go to, I could wax lyrical about this place all day long.


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