Galvin La Chapelle

20161107_195639I love a hipster restaurant as much as the next foodie. I say foodie as we are the people who enthusiastically drag our unassuming friends into the two hour queue for the best new hybrid cuisine; sitting on uncomfortable stools in a dark, noisy, cramped room. The food is served a breath after your order it and you’re ushered out before you’ve learnt how to pronounce the eatery’s name.

However, the longing for a little luxury in life comes around. Food in London can take you some of the most luxurious settings. Galvin La Chapelle is located in a refurbished church; a breath taking space with lights suspended like stars in the sky. The Galvin brothers have various restaurants in London at different levels of opulence and La Chapelle sits at the top of this, with their full seven course tasting menu.

I booked La Chapelle with the tasting menu and wine pairing in mind for my partners 30th birthday. As we sit down in the wonderfully comfortable chairs both with an excellent view of the space and not noticing the unobtrusive waiters place our napkins on to our laps. I barely glance at the menu as the choice is easy, we just sit back and enjoy as the sommelier arrives with perfect timing for our first course.

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As the courses seamlessly arrive from one to the next, we lap up the luxury. Galvin serves French cuisine so you can expect a slab of foie gras, an abundance of truffle and their signature apple tarte tatin. The wine pairing took us on a journey from wonderful classic Loire valley all the way to a fantastic red from Lebanon.

The meal was a perfect balance between classic flavours and innovative cooking, along with perfect service and with absolutely no disruptions. Our evening felt like time stood still and hours later we couldn’t stall leaving any longer. For me it ticked every box, luxurious menu and beautiful setting in London and at £149 a person easily worth every penny.


One thought on “Galvin La Chapelle

  1. I’ve decided I must finally try one of the Galvin restaurants this year – they always look and sound so good! Galvin at the Windows was top of the list but now I’m thinking La Chapelle could rival it – so pleased you had a great night out with the boyfriend!

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