Sheba Brick Lane

Moving to London is an adventure that so many of us have. For me my adventure started in East London and one of the first places I explored was Brick Lane. This renowned East London street advocates discovery with a surprisingly harmonious clash of cultures from; vintage clothing to avant-garde ensembles, 24hr bagel shops to copious family run Indian restaurants, specialty food ventures with doughnuts, chocolates, coffee and desserts, markets galore, and if you look hard enough London’s best latex clothing emporium.

Being a foodie this is the ultimate treasure chest of cuisines, and Indian cuisine was one of the places I started. Brick Lane Indian restaurants are a must try, just like Pho Mile in Hoxton a single cuisine monopolises an area so no need to book just gather your friends and head over.

Sheba is one of the original Indian restaurants on Brick Lane past down to the second generation, like many Indian restaurants in the UK they were started by Bangladeshis in the 70s.
As we settle down to the essential pre starters I read through the menu, I’m a sucker for the ‘chef specialties’ section because my days of small town chicken tikka masala are behind me.
It is great to see Bengali food get a mention along with our British/Indian classics.
We take recommendation from the waiter and choose a selection of the specials, but first we tuck into the Tandoori Mixed Grill, the starter for meat fiends. Lamb Chops were the absolute stand out, first marinated, then barbecued in a tandoor with its delicious char grilled exterior, bone suckingly perfect.
We move onto our mains, on my plate from left to right, Spicy Daal Aubergine, Shofri Ghust – Lamb and pumpkin, Chana Gohst Bhuna – Chicken and lentils, with Pilau rice, Garlic Naan and a Roti.

It was the lamb that won us over again served with Bengali pumpkin to bring a natural sweetness to the spicy dish. This being said I love a Daal and with added aubergine worked really well. In the chicken and lentil dish it was the lentils and sauce that I was scooping up with my roti, perhaps I was having a meat overload at this point.

Sheba on Brick Lane brings some Bengali spice into our British Indian classics, perfect place to try if you want a shake up and some thing new from Brick Lane’s affordable Indian restaurants.


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