Bulldog edition – Ace Hotel

Once again I am working from home and not wanting to feel stir crazy I venture into Shoreditch and dare to enter the ultimate hipster hang out, the Ace Hotel. The Ace Hotel is found on Shoreditch High Street, with a chic roof terrace and The Bulldog Edition a cafe sprawling out into the lobby of the hotel; almost hidden if you don’t know it’s there.

I cautiously head in, past Macbook club of workers, past all the creative flat white drinkers and into the cafe. The layout is bright yet orderly,  daily newspapers hanging up and pastries freshly baked on the side. I order up a selection and wait in the appropriate place to collect my goodies.


Wonderfully seasonal, butternut squash and spinach quiche and a spiced loaf scented with cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon. The Bulldog edition used Square Mile’s red brick blend a reliable yet slightly common espresso blend. This being said it was excellently executed, and Square Mile carefully place their stockists within about a ten minute walk from each other. The Ace Hotel has such a fantastic location it is worth being on an app like Ordoo to increase takeaway orders and make its location more known.

Calm yet busy and light streaming in through the glass frontage it is a great work space. I had headphones in and the day flew by while is was quietly productive, a new favourite spot when I need those hours with no distractions!



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