My new East London hipster/awesome job leads me ‘out of office’ two days a week. Day one and I was reveling in working in my pants, but as winter draws in it leaves me with fewer options; heating the house to tropical temperatures and feeling the wrath of my flatmates or braving social working spaces…20161128_094338

The aptly named coffee office on City Road seemed a good place to start, work benches and plugs all over the place, and it opens early, so I’m in and settled with my first flat white.

With solid coffee offerings it is a shame they aren’t on a food app, like Ordoo to get more passing trade for take-away. As the morning pushes on it gets busier with meetings and other Mac book owners starting to arrive. It moves into lunchtime, their resident food pop up, Papilles serve up French-British food, and their dish of the day is only £6.50!



A chicken and mushroom stew, (dairy-free) filled with flavour and only £6.50 to sit in and eat, a rarity in London. Again they are missing a treat not using Ordoo to snap up some more passing trade, to enjoy their awesome lunches. If your nearby and looking for coffee, cake or lunch they have a great selection!

First social work space experience  a success and definitely no shaming from working while you don’t have food or a drink in front of you, which was my main worry! So I’ll be out blogging some more lunch spots.

163 City Rd, London EC1V 2NT


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