Plot Twist Wine

Pasta and goulash!

Plot Twist Wine have a new pop up on the run up to Christmas in Holborn. The Italian Hungarian duo have combined the food from their heritage, picking classic dishes from various regions into a decisive menu.
For the starters we were spoilt for choice, but with the charcuterie board you get a little bit of everything, a mix of Hungarian and Italian meats and cheeses, pickles and zeppoline. Zeppoline are sourdough balls deep fried with a super light crispy coating.


I look at the deep fried sourdough balls a little apprehensively with no oil or butter to dip into. We both simultaneously take a bite into the soft sourdough, the outer batter perfectly salted and just smile, like the softest sourdough freshly baked with a salty exterior.

We continued to munch our way around the charcuterie board, the parma ham and parmigiano particularly notable. We enjoyed these with a bottle of Hungarian red wine which was delicious, you can buy all the wines by the glass!


Finally the mains, I had seen the Goulash in its mighty bread bowl with other diners and I couldn’t wait to tuck in. A rich hearty beef stew with carrots, potatoes and all the juice soaked bread surrounding it.


Next up with turn to the huge parmigino wheel, since we had already tasted the quality of the cheese I couldn’t wait for it to be muddled through our pasta. The wheel is flamed with brandy and then the traditional Napoli pasta is tossed in the wheel. This isn’t just a spectacle but means the cheese is well and truly incorporated throughout the dish, as well as fennel sausage, potato and a creamy white sauce.

We left feeling absolutely stuffed just like when visit your favourite relative who cooks away to much food for you but its the best home cooking you can remember =)


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