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Test Kitchen Tuesdays

The processes a chef goes through while working on the various elements of a dish are usually kept under wraps. Every now and then you will hear a charming story of their childhood or the love of a particular ingredient. Here at Craft they have created Test Kitchen Tuesdays, the concept being every Tuesday you try a set menu of at least six courses, still in the development stages, for only £28. Ingenious, was my first thought, the menu is taken out of your hands while you are lead through the uncut versions of new dishes. I love sitting and discussing the food I am eating, beit good or bad, but hopefully the former.

Craft its based at the Greenwich peninsula in a swanky all glass curved new build. You walk up a flight to stairs to the restaurant on the first floor, and as we are a group of four we are seated in one of their booths. The table is laid with the daily printed menu, notepads and pencils for everyone to offer feedback, if you wish.

Upon choosing various wines and craft beers we devour their bread basket and ask for some more. Not long after, our first course is served. 

Roast caulifower, brown butter, elderberry, poppy seeds.

For the first dish we are all impressed, a small dish yet all the flavours are present, particularly the delicate elderberry coming through.

Carrots, cobnut, chervil, tarragon, cods roe

After the perfectly roasted cauliflower these baked carrots were a little too ‘al dent’ for our taste, and with not many other flavours it didn’t cut the mustard with us.

Chicken oyster, sweet corn, chives, sea lettuce.

I was excited for this dish as not many people can locate a chicken oyster (succulent piece of chicken from the underside of the bird) it was deep fried but still so moist, with a chive dip. One of our favourite dishes.

Potato noodles, lardon, chickweed, chervil, mushroom powder

To me the noodles are soft so I felt a bit miss sold, with very crispy potatoes, incredibly hard to eat and served on a tiny wood block. but that’s OK because we noted it all down on our feedback form 😉

Mackerel, beetroot, coriander, meat, radish

On to the mini mains, the fish was cooked to perfection, crisp skin and all, shame the rest of the dish wasn’t offering much flavour could have done with something salty or sour to balance it.

Grilled ribeye, baby gem, yogurt, sea purslane, sourdough

The meaty course, again, very well cooked, the quality of all the food has been fantastic, this being served with yogurt sounds wierd but actually worked giving that slight sourness with the crunch of sourdough crumbs.

Red flesh apple, lemon and cinnamon ice cream, candied hazelenuts

A dessert reminiscent of my childhood and perfect to boast to my foreign company about our apple varieties. Reading the menu you know the flavours will work, and it was executed well, great Autumnal dessert.

After the meal we all get our heads down and finish writing our (probably now illegible) feedback notes.

Did we love all of the dishes? No. But did we enjoy the process of trying all of them for £28? Yes, we definitely did. In London we are all used to the ever familiar no reservation policy and a meal can be over and done within an hour. Crafts Test Kitchen Tuesday gives you a whole evening of trying and chatting over food in a lovely setting.


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