Squid Kitchen

I have mentioned before my love for pop ups, supperclubs and street food vendors. It is like seeing a movie at a film festival and when it hits the big screen, you can feel so smug about saying you knew about it right from the start. The food culture in London is snowballing, it is such an exciting time for anyone interested in trying something new or different and being a head of the curve.
Squid Kitchen a successful pop up have a new residency in Clapton, serving up Madrid street food. Their menu is a concise selection of tapas where you can either choose individual dishes or just pay £30 and have them all. Now I dare you to guess the option I went for.
The full selection of tapas dishes also comes with a cocktail each, so we tuck into a Spanish G+T and a white sangria both refreshing and very enjoyable. Our nibbles start with some olives and two toasts; one rubbed with garlic and topped with tomato, the second topped with goats cheese, chorizo, thyme and honey. Thank goodness I wasn’t kissing anyone because garlicky delicious it was! The toast was thinly sliced and wetted our appetites for further Spanish delights.
The tapas start to ebb out. First up an artichoke salad, almonds and with a lemon honey dressing and slow cooked chorizo. The salad was a lovely start, artichokes with a crunch of almond and a zing of lemon, served next to the super soft chorzio smoothed in its spicy oil I was desperate for a bit of bread to mop it up!
Next two dishes arrive, a squid stew with bread (!) and patatas bravas. We delve in to the squid stew, a rich tomato broth filled with baby squid and vegetables. The patatas bravas is topped with spicy salsa and aioli, just as it should be. With the cold weather coming it was the perfect evening for a stew, and a catch up. The stew was one of the highlights of the meal, I was dunking all I could in there.
Finally we have a white bean stew with a poached egg and lemon, paprika and garlic chicken. All the dishes are such a welcome change to the boring ‘expected’ tapas dishes. These two above also both stand alone dishes I could have had a whole portion of each. Fresh herby white bean stew and perfectly poached egg along with the boldly flavoured succulent chicken thighs.

Squid Kitchen, have really brought Spanish street food to their pop up, a fresh look at tapas in London. The service was perfect, dishes brought out as and when with no rush to finish. We both left absolutely stuffed, so it would probably be silly to mention I wanted a little extra bread to mop up the leftovers.



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