African Afternoon Tea

When it comes to food I am always on the look out for new cuisines and when it comes to restaurants I can’t help myself but be the first through the doors. The London supperclub scene is rising fast and  supper lubs are almost like a preview of a preview when someone aspires to open a restaurant. This someone is Lerato, self named the African Princess, the British/Nigerian beaut has created the ‘worlds first African afternoon tea’, and have invited me down to give it a try.
I am greeted with a glass of bubbles as I enter the light and airy Printworks kitchen near Angel, already there is a buzz of chatter from the previous afternoon tea sitting.
As I sit down, it’s not long before my first course arrives, and with no menu I am left guessing what I’m about to tuck into. Nevertheless I start to pull apart the warm homemade honey butter rolls with strawberry & tomato jam. My first though was, ‘that’s a lot of bread i won’t eat all of it,’ until I tasted it!! So light and pillow-y I mean I actually can’t believe someone can make bread that well. Please teach me?! The ‘jam’ was like a smooth chutney a little sweet, savoury and a kick of chilli.
My African grown tea is poured into a beautiful glass.
_mg_3765The savoury courses are served, beautifully presented finger food. A welcome change from British sandwiches. Left to Right – Mini Lagos Angus pie, Akara tarts, Prawn suya rolls and Roasted plantain & nuts.
All different flavours and textures it was incredibly satisfying to work my way around the plate. My favourite would have to be the Akara tart with a texture almost like soft polenta (it’s actually steamed honey beans) and topped with a sort of red pepper concentrate, it’s acidity worked well with the soft bean flavour. Of course I like the plantain covered in peanut butter, I love both of those things, and together I can confirm they are delicious. The Angus pie, was good, perfect pastry, but I could have done with more filling or less pastry. The African spiced prawn summer roll was lovely, the suya spices really came though.
Finally the dessert plate, Chocolate cake with ganache and strawberries, although as Lerato mentioned their were some dessert elements missing. This point aside the cake was moist, and cocoa rich. I could have had more sauce, well I could have had more cake but that is beside the point.

Overall the food was wonderful, the service could have been better but it was Leratos family and friends helping out, and hey I got to try the Worlds First African Afternoon tea!



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