Burger Craft

British pubs are at the heart of our society and sadly we are loosing them every day. Burger Craft is a burger menu created for Pub Love a company that turns London pubs that are about to close into success stories. The day they invited me to a burger and beer tasting was a good day. Burger craft have a new menu of juicy burgers along with recommended beer pairings. I head over good and hungry to The Exmouth Arms, Euston to give four sliders with matching beers a try. A week later I head over to their South East pub The Crown in Battersea to try a couple of burgers in my own time.

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Above you can see the four sliders and beers I tried.
The juicy burger – two dry-aged beef patties, double american-style cheese, lambs lettuce, tomato, chefs smokey BBQ sauce. IPA, Neck Oil, Beavertown.
Farmyard – dry-aged beef, slow braised ham hock, fried duck egg, pickled gherkins, lambs lettuce, wholegrain mustard mayo. Red Ale, Flatiron, American red.
Chefs burger – dry-aged beef, Guinness braised lamb shank, breaded lambs liver, mint yoghurt, redcurrant mayo, lambs lettuce. Porter, Ace of spaces Wildcard card brewery
Fish & Chips – oven baked cod, beer battered chips, garden pea puree, homemade chunky tartar sauce. Real ale.

My favourites had to be the Farmyard and the Chefs burger. Burger Craft make all their own burger components and sauces which makes these two more complex burgers really stand out. The chefs burger is packed with rich meat flavour, the braised lamb shank and the breaded lambs liver were delicious. The Farmyards pork and egg additions were perfectly cooked egg still dribbling down the side, I’m a sucker for a well cooked egg. The juicy burger is a classic burger but there are plenty of these in London. Fish and Chips was a clever twist and a good change from the Filet-O-Fish but I’m a meaty burger kind of girl.

I love events like this when they play straight to my tummy and spoil foodies with the opportunity to try so much of the menu. However, it is important to go and try the food independently to see how they fair with paying customers. A sunny weekend rolled around and I cycled with a friend over to The Crown in Battersea. I ordered up my favourite of the sliders, the Chefs burger and Hot dirty and loaded from the menu as I hadn’t tried it yet.


Hot dirty and loaded, dry-aged beef, pulled pork in cider hot sauce, grilled jalapeños, blue cheese sauce, fiery chipotle ketchup, watercress, tomato, mayo.

These two burgers were better than the sliders, bigger, juicier and meatier. I still love the breaded lambs liver in the chefs burger, so soft and creamy and lightly crispy on the outside. The hot, dirty and loaded was possibly my favourite as much as I love the rich flavour of the Chefs burger it makes me want a to eat a whole beef stew or lamb shank, not just the burger. However the Hot, dirty and loaded is just how I like my burgers, spicy, juicy and it still holds together while you eat it.



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