Vital Ingredient

Vital Ingredient, the original salad bar in London with 17 outlets invited me to give their salad bar a try. I was in need of a quick lunch on a warm busy day, and with summer coming I’m always cautions with prepared food because you just don’t know what goes in there.

However, Vital Ingredient is a great go to lunch stop for salads or a hot option where you can pick all the ingredients to make your meal fit into whatever dietary requirements you have beit; gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, vegan or like me just enjoy clean eating, and a healthy lunch.
20160711_123606I stand in the queue, which although it was about 20/30people long, actually only took me 5mins to be served, a good result as no one wants to spend there lunch break in a queue! First you choose the base of your salad from various salad leaves, couscous, pasta or quinoa. Next you move down to the salad bar to pick one main ingredient and 4 additions veggie ones. Finally you pick your dressing and they throw it all into a bowl and give it a good toss.
20160711_124019My base was baby spinach which I topped with prawns, green beans, cucumber, avocado and mixed seeds, dressed with their kale pesto. All of their ingredients are brought fresh and cooked or prepared by themselves and have clear symbols of the dietary requirements they fit with.
My salad was, gluten free, dairy free and pescetarian, just what I needed on a summers day, with a little pot of quinoa, yogurt and seasonal fruit for dessert. Fresh and filling, with simple tasty ingredients I knew exactly what was in it and the kale pesto was delicious.

The final product I tried was a smoothie, so fresh you pick your flavour before the ingredients are blended together. You can blend it with apple juice or coconut water choosing whether you want that additional sweetness or not.

Here you can see my smoothie, pre and post blend, this was my favourite product, healthy yet delicious and would fill me up if I needed a quick liquid lunchtime pick me up.

Also note that if you don’t like waiting in line you can order your personalised salad or hot meal through the app, ‘Orogo’ and walk straight in, collect it and feel smug that you didn’t queue up.

Thanks to Vital Ingredient for the lunch, all opinions are still my own.


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