Anglo, if you are as food obsessed as me (unlikely) you may have pawed over the reviews of Anglo, and on paper, it sounds like something exciting. I have to go. Is it all hype, or worth the 6weeks I had to wait to get a 6pm Friday night table!
Finally the wait was over and I step into Anglo, a rather empty, small yet well laid out restaurant. The only option is their tasting menu 7courses plus three ‘intros’, and FYI what ever time you get there you have your table for the entire evening! So we were actually there until 9ish which was lovely.
Anyway, back to the beginning, we go with the wine pairing, to leave everything in Anglos capable hands.

The first intro arrives, they are  about twice the size of an hors d’oeuvre if that is deemed a unit of measurement. Egg yolk, girolles, peas and lemon, creamy and luxurious like the best mayonnaise you have ever had, although I still feel like I’m underselling it, we were scraping the plates.

The second intro, scallop tartare and oyster emulsion, fresh and clean, I was surprised how pleasant the oyster emulsion was not too ‘fishy’.

The third intro, and I’m feeling pretty excited that we haven’t started on the actual courses yet. The burnt leek tartlet, it looks like it has a little cloud resting on top, very intriguing. When cutting into it you can see the leek puree on top of wafer thin layers of filo pastry. There is a slight situation transporting the delicate tart with all the powder on top into your mouth, but as soon as the flavour hits you, you know it’s worth it. The crisp pastry, buttery sumptuous leeks and delicate chive powder on the top coats your mouth.

We take a moment to wax lyrical about the intros and chomp through the freshly baked sourdough and yeast butter, a very light marmite-y flavour.

20160708_183857The starter is Isle of Wright tomatoes with seaweed. A beautiful bright plate, and it tasted as vibrant as it looks.

20160708_185716The fish course, cod with with smoked potato and squid ink. The cod is lightly cooked in vanilla oil and the meat was unbelievably soft.

20160708_191807The main, lamb shoulder, belly and offal with miso aubergine, black olives and an elderflower soaked peach. You need some self control with this dish, to take some time assembling all the delicious flavour combinations on your fork; each mouthful was different.

A cheese course paired with a cider, an oozing soft French cheese on top of onion malt loaf bring a lovely sweetness to the gooey, stick-to-the-roof-of-your-mouth home comfort feel.

The next is the palate cleanser, an interesting combination of, cherry, horseradish and hay. You can taste all three flavours, the light horseradish really does cleanse the palate.

On to the first dessert, a course that many restaurants can leave by the way side, yet Anglo serve two. Single origin dark, milk and white chocolate with a touch of oil olive and bee pollen. A simple ganache based dish letting the high quality of the chocolate come through.

The final dessert, raspberries and burrata, refreshing with the richness of the cheese to cut through the acidity of the raspberries.
The menu is 45pp and the wine flight 25pp, I could have paid double and still thought I was getting good value for the wonderful creativity and high quality thought out meal. The wines and drinks pairings were fairly classic and fitted well. The food was outstanding and memorable, in particular the leek tartlet and the fish cooked in vanilla oil. This is 100% one of the best restaurants I have been to, and I feel like a clique just saying it.


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