Sometimes, you don’t need to explain yourself, sometimes everything is clear. This is one of those times..


Homeslice only serve up 20inch pizzas £20 you can choose two toppings, or slices for £4. We went for (20 inches of):

  • Goat shoulder, savoy cabbage and sumac yogurt
  • Aubergine, cauliflower cheese, spinach and harrisa

Sometimes I want to eat a pizza bigger than myself and I have no shame because it was DELICIOUS. The aubergine half in particular, we wondered where the cauliflower cheese was until you take a bite and realise, it has been made into a sauce to cover the pizza base?!?! You literally cannot ask for more.


Not my first time to Homeslice and certainly not my last. I probably wouldn’t take a first date, as they shouldn’t see Woman v. Pizza on day 1… Other than that it is the perfect chilled dinner for a week night or for a group pre some weekend fun.

The pizzas toppings are so original and change all the time. The whole concept is awesome, London needed this!


3 thoughts on “Homeslice

  1. My thoughts exactly when I had the cauliflower cheese! we ordered literally the same halves! I never knew about all these different types of restaurants so close to me. So refreshing familiarising myself with London again through your blog.


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