Afghan Kitchen

Off for a mid week catch up with a friend and I chose the Afghan Kitchen on Islington Green in Angel. I have been cycling past it every morning for a over a year (although it has be open since 2001) yet the Scandi chic layout and the modern frontage looks like it is a contemporary eatery offering up this ‘new’ Afghan cuisine, which has me fascinated.
From regularly cycling past I have noticed it has a pretty solid following from the early evening, with soft lighting and a buzz inside.
We arrive around 6pm mid week and head to the extra seating upstairs.
The menus already on the table, short, with simple explanations not giving much away about the spicing of the dishes or what the cuisine is like. With the name Afghan Kitchen I’m imagining mothers bustling around the stove not a recipe in sight, everything from the heart.


The options are a mix, bowls of curry’s, plates with vegetables, rice, bread and pickles.  We tell our choices to the only waitress for the upstairs who must have the legs of a mountain goat the amount of times she walked up about down the stairs with trays of food. The seating is set around tables of 6-ish so you are likely to be sharing, this suits the home style feel of eating as the dishes are all served individually giving the option to share.


Above we have the lamb with spinach on the left, the aubergine with yogurt on the right and a little bowl of mixed pickles in the middle. The dishes were so tasty! Slow cooked lamb (if we were on a food market they would call it pulled lamb) a rich meaty taste with a thick green spinach curry. The aubergines (que M&S ad lady voice) aren’t just aubergines, these are baked aubergines slathered in yogurt, drizzled with chili oil and a sprinkling of mint, delicious and my favourite dish of the evening.


Finally their most popular dish, fish curry with potatoes, but it is so much more than that, a whole piece of fresh delicate white fish, perfectly cooked, subtly spiced, with soft new potatoes underneath and just a hint of lemon and mint on top.

Success for the evening, both full and only £15 each. I will definitely bring other friends here also really good for vegetarians. Only negatives would be that they don’t serve the fresh bread until 7:30pm (it looked amazing what a tease). Oh and be warned it it cash only.

Afghan Kitchen, 35 Islington Green, London N1 8DU


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