I’m a sucker for a hyped new restaurant and Gunpowder in Shoreditch has been clogging up my twitter feed and tantalising me on Instagram. Finally I took the plunge, it is tucked away behind Spitalfields market, oh and it’s no reservations.. It opened in Nov 15 and seeing as it doesn’t seem to be getting any less popular we bit the bullet with a tactical visit on a Monday night (actually we were seated straight away, phew).


I ordered their spiced margarita with tamarind enhancing that sweet sour tang and a sort of bombay spice mix flavoured rim I couldn’t pick out the individual spices either way the overall smokey margarita flavour goes down far too easily. The menu is incredibly appetising, and with all the other reviews I have already read waxing lyrical about the lamb chops we made our decisions quick and decisive, dying to give it a try!

We start with the ‘Rasan ke bomb’ which is a Pani puri (small crispy bread filled with spiced potato) and a shot of soup. Advised to pop the crispy bread in our mouths whole and slup the spicy sour soup through it. Awesome textures as the crunchy puff softens with the soup, which had a good kick really cleared the palate for what was to come.

Next we have the much talked about venison and vermicelli ‘doughnut’ now my foodie friend was a little apprehensive with the word doughnut being used here but really don’t be, it is totally savory, crispy thin exterior and spiced venison mince interior with a fruity mango sauce on the side that balances the rich meaty flavour so well.

Gunpowder aloo chaat

The Aloo chat, some crispy potatoes with a sweet and spicy sauce and sour yogurt a great side dish to compliment some of the other more meaty and spicy plates.

Mustard steamed fish in a banana leaf

A piece of soft tender fish was hiding in this banana leaf, with a smooth yet spicy mustard marinade.

Crispy pork ribs

The mini mountain of ribs (like a better version of what you would get in a Chinese restaurant) smothered in sweet and sour sauce and meat falling off the bone.


OK we were hungry don’t judge us here..

Soft shell crab

Crispy soft shell crab perfectly cooked with soft white meat inside, would have liked a little dipping sauce, although at this point we have so many plates to choose from I have plenty of sauces.

Kashmiri lamb chops

The lamb chops (FYI we had a plate each of these!) damn, they are good, SO good. Super soft meat that tastes like it has be marinaded for days and that fresh green sauce on the side. I could have eaten it all over again.
And the final dish, as they politely advised us to only order half the tandoori chicken not the whole, we had enough food!

Organic chicken char grilled in Tandoori spices

Just when you think you can fit anything else in šŸ˜‰ love sorbet as a dessert option, you can always manage a sorbet, right?! and this is worth it, juicy ripe passion fruit flavour with a little fresh mint.


So is this much talked about restaurant worth the hype.. YES yes it definitely is. If you are a foodie, or love Indian food, or want to try something a little different this is a great little place that makes your look really ‘in the know’ of an awesome independent restaurant. Service is great, plates came out at a good speed and most importantly the food is fantastically original, really vibrant flavours. Honestly we will definitely be back when they have a some new bits on the menu, since we almost did a clean sweep on this one šŸ˜‰




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