Cafe Spice Namaste

At the moment my love for Indian food is leading to obsession, someone mentioned Café Spice Namaste to me, I had to try it. This restaurant has been around since 1995, I guess you just need to be in the ‘know’, like Tayyabs. Not in the best location, the backend of Aldgate East clearly that doesn’t matter because you still need to book even on weekdays, it gets busy.


We take a seat and I risk ordering a glass of wine (which was actually was ok) and some poppadum’s with dips while we peruse the menu.

The menu has about a paragraph of text per dish, which when you read it is lovely to learn about why they put it on the menu etc.. but I’m trying to order food not read a novel.


Starters we go for the marinated salmon in green chutney and an Indian classic, a dosa.

The salmon was fantastic juicy full flavoured with fresh herbs almost like it has been dipped in an Indian pesto. The dosa, a dish you cannot hide behind, perfectly crisp light pancake, soft steamed potato on the inside, needed a little more spice and the sauces weren’t particularly noticeable.


A lovely mid-course touch you get a little espresso cup of vegetable soup to cleanse your palate.

For mains we chose the traditional Goan vindaloo with pork, the lamb shank curry and  some rotis, both the mains are served with rice.


Flavours were good, well spiced, lamb shank falling off the bone, rotis light and fluffy etc.. My only quibble was that the vinderloo was no where near hot enough! It was medium at a push. Oh and why the lamb shank has a ring of cheap potato wedges around it I cannot tell you..

However quality was by far better than your average Indian and it is family run, your heart warms as you are served by them. The prices are higher, you get what you pay for, but I wasn’t blown away by it..

3 thoughts on “Cafe Spice Namaste

  1. I’ve not been to Cafe Spice Namaste for a little while, but I’ve always enjoyed my visits there. Like you, it’s always an interesting challenge to find it, although the advent of Google Maps on my phone has somewhat reduced the adventure of wandering around the streets, thinking “I’m sure it used to be just down here…”.

    I love the atmosphere/ambience there and I’ve always enjoyed the food. Unlike you, I’m not a fan of hot food, preferring my dishes mild and well-flavoured, so perhaps Cafe Spice Namaste’s typical menus are more suited to my palate than yours.



    1. Hi Brian,

      Yes I completely agree, I was surprised I hadn’t been before it has such a large following!
      I hope it stands the test of time with many new Asian restaurants opening all the time..



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