100 Hoxton

A spontaneous brunch to brush away those Valentines blues my flatmate and I headed over to 100 Hoxton, the epitome of a trendy Shoreditch haunt; inside it is ‘industrial chic’, their menu has an Asian theme running though it and everyone inside looks annoying perky and happy..

All jokes aside the Sunday brunch menu looks delightful and that is why we wanted to try it out.


I started off with a little cleanse of some grapefruit juice, just to balance out the inevitable ‘100 Hoxton Big Breakfast’ that I had chosen. The juice was wonderfully sharp and refreshing but not bitter.


Above is my ‘Big Breakfast’, with pork belly, fried eggs with jalapeno dressing, avocado and mushroom salsa, mushrooms and a hunk of sourdough and they had run out of the spring green hash. Needless to say for £9.50 it was awesome, one of the best brunch I have had in a long while actually, partly because everything was cooked and seasoned perfectly and partly because it is just not the sort of breakfast you would whip up at home, they really have put their own spin on a good brunch.


My flatmate has the Koroke, Korean croquettes with bacon, poached eggs, a cheese sauce and a chilli dressing, this is basically a spicy Korean version of eggs benedict. Luckily she is tiny so I get to finish most of her meals, for me it is much better than old benedict, I think creamy egg yolk goes far better with spicy sauce, but if you aren’t into spicy in the morning it is not the dish for you.

It isn’t just the brunch menu that looks this good, we will definitely be trying out the Sunday and the small plates for dinner look awesome too!



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