Mazi Mas @ The Russet

A kitchen full of refugee women from all over world, an ingenious idea of a young women wanting to realise her Greek godmothers dream, their new residency in The Russet, Hackney Downs being my next venture.

If the heart-warming backstory isn’t enough to make you go to Mazi Mas, then trust me the food will be. The menu is continuously changing, tonight their were Brazilian, Turkish, Ethiopia and Iranian dishes, with a simple wine menu and cocktail of the night from The Russet. The bottle of red open, we were ready to share the two mains.

Above is the Iranian offering delicately spiced slow cooked saffron chicken, fluffy soft rice studded with sharp barberries and crunchy red shard on the side.

The other main is the vegetarian option from Ethiopia, three curry’s; one spicy tomato lentil, the other earthly beetroot and finally cabbage and greens, all served with an injera, a light spongy Ethiopian bread with a tangy taste.
There aren’t many restaurants where their are so many flavours present at just two main courses, it was so all wonderful you could just feel the love behind these dishes and the quality of the ingredients, all locally sourced by the way.

The dessert, marquise au chocolat, dark chocolate and chili  with cream and caramelised pistachios, a true winter dessert and with a slug of red wine we were very happy ladies. All the rich dark smooth chocolaty goodness we hoped for with toasty pistachios and fresh cream.
A quirky concept serving up restaurant quality home cooked food from around the global, only at The Russet until… honestly worth a visit while its there.


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