This is not my first time to Tayyabs, so for those who have not frequented this classic East London Indian, what have you been doing? Maybe you are new to London.
First things first, always book, they are always busy, which leads me to service… Tayyabs are famous for their food not their sedate atmosphere, sometimes it can free like you are sitting in the kitchen while watching so many sizzling plates being rushed past.

Needless to say you are seated and the poppadoms and chutneys are waiting for you. The menu is refreshingly short for an Indian, with all the classic flavours you are expecting, and some other that are maybe a little less familiar.

They are known for their lamb chops, so try them! The sizzling platter arrives and the smile on my friends face was enough, she approves. The soft tender meat well spiced and ready to be gnawed off the bone. This is not a romantic first date venue.


The mains; freshly cooked curries, the lentils have some bite, the lambs is meaty yet soft, there is heat in the spices and the breads are pillowy and light.

It is everything you want in a classic Indian, always a good atmosphere from their die hard regulars, a great price and it is perfect to share with friends. Our meal was £26 for two! What are you waiting for.



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