Mem & Laz Brasserie

Another day another date, we met at Highbury and Islington so plenty of restaurant choice. Being the women, I should let the man choose, and he had already mentioned, ‘he knows a place’. Off we go, past Ottolengi.. we arrive here Mem & Laz.

As we enter they ask us if we would like Italian or Turkish, it is two restaurants in one. Man chooses, Italian (I would have chosen Turkish) and we take a seat on, ‘the Italian side’.
We are given the ginormous laminated menus with every permutation of Italian food, and I wonder how big the kitchen is.


Above is our antipasti board to share, classic out of the jar/packet. All tasted ok but I sure I could knock this together at home.


On to the main I go for veal one of my favourite meats, and it is a T bone. Cooked well and only £13.50, pretty simple flavours.


Man has the steak with a mushroom sauce, cooked medium rare, looks a little medium, and a similar standard to the veal.
I did not have a dessert, partly because the restaurant didn’t entice me, and partly because the date didn’t either!
Overall fairly simple food you get what you pay for. Even though I wasn’t overwhelmed by the food this restaurant has a great space and can cater for large parties which is a huge selling point, but I won’t be going on another date here.



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