Grillstock festival

As an East London girl my ears pricked up to the sound of a BBQ and music festival in Walthamstow, named, Grillstock. I was lucky enough to win some VIP Pitcrew tickets (£80 each)! Via twitter from Mark @smokebark. Off I went with my lucky +1 as we daydreamed of all the smokey meats.

A short queue to get in (£30 to non residents), wristbands on and guitar pick tokens at the ready we have a quick scout around for the best looking meat to get started on. We queue at smokestack.. they don’t take food tokens. Frustrated, I spot a wine truck! (£4 a glass) From expecting only beer here and with four drinks tokens wine was a bonus, little did we know what was to come! We make a second attempt for food and just pick the shortest que for some ‘pulled chicken’ (£6 a bun) a concept that does slightly annoy me as it isn’t really ‘pulled’ but that is by the by it was from newbie food stand Riot Grrrill and it was excellent juicy, flavourful, the whole package.


On we go with the drinks, Jack Daniels and Sailor Jerry both offering £5 cocktails and accepting drinks token, YAY. The only draw back… again with the queuing. They really take the time to make all the cocktails from scratch; Old Fashioneds, Honey JD lemon, rum punch and spicy rum, all delicious. At the JD stand you could play games and win merchandise (free T-shirt!) such fun.


For our last meal, we went to the nearest short queue but I was surprised as maybe the folk of Walthamstow haven’t heard of Hotbox, I have struggled to get a table for their bottomless brunch (worth it) their offering, slow cooked beef brisket (£8 a bun), yes please!


We were not disappointed, the softest slow cooked meat on an excellence bun:meat ratio, with a rich slightly spicy sauce, my mouth is watering just remembering it.

Oh and if you can squeeze in dessert, they haven’t forgotten about that..


Finally with our full bellies and fed up of queuing we go for a dance watching the Cuban Brothers. Cheeky entertainment and fun upbeat Cuban style music, some you know some you don’t, but you have a smile on your face the whole time.20150905_174019

We enjoyed ourselves, we wanted more of this and less of the queuing. There was eating competitions and BBQ lessons we feel like we missed a lot of the festival! Walthamstow residence get free entry so it is quite familified and the average age is early 30s. If I lived walking distance I would definitely go again, but I don’t, and with the street food market offerings in Central London I am already spoilt for choice without the entrance fee and long ques.

Festivals also in Bristol and Manchester, restaurants in more locations.

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