Arepa and Co

From travelling around Venezuela earlier in the year, this restaurant has been high on my list. I was there for a month, Venezuela does so many things well but exports nothing.. The food is simple with bold flavors, similar to Mexican-ish but not spicy and with added plantain. Oh and the people are absolutely delightful, much like the lovely staff in Arepa and Co.  Imagining myself as a local Venezuelan and a food connoisseur at this point, I had my critical eye out..

We went on a Thursday night 7:30pm, it was busy! I would book next time, with their lovely glass frontage you are going to be looking over the canal no matter where you sit. We order some drinks, rum based cocktails of course.


They were colourful tropical fruit flavoured and refreshing, I can confirm that the rum, Santa Teresa is the real deal, a locals favourite. We ordered starters, I would say if you don’t recognise some of the things on the menu, try them.. like plantain and yucas are just alternatives for potato. We went for the Patacones en Canaima.20150827_195123-1

A plantain crisp with slow cooked melt-the-mouth beef and a dash of guac on the top! Perfect starters to share, I wish we could have had more of them.

We moved on to mains and we both went for an Arepa, I had the Reina Pepiada (chicken and avocado), a staple for me in Venezuela, hence why I wanted to have it again. Arepas are eaten more for breakfast and lunch as it is basically a corn bread pita sandwich. Arepas and Co’s were hot and crispy on the outside and bulging with filling on the inside, took me right back =)20150827_195357-1

In short Venezuelan cuisine is incredibly accessible with great flavours, and Arepa and Co is showing it as its best, it is not too pricey, and you can eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner!


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