Welcome to our first blog post – please be gentle with us!

          We were both incredibly excited to visit ‘Clutch’, situated in the midst of Hoxton and near to Sunday’s famous Columbia Road flower market. The area is a hive of activity at the weekend, although it was moderately quiet for us midweek. We had recently been to Chicks ‘n Sours on Kingsland Road, but with gourmet offerings of fried chicken becoming increasingly available, we craved more.
          After bounding into the restaurant, it was evident only a couple of tables were busy (it was a Tuesday after all) so we took the opportunity to eat outside where the vibe was a little better. I decided to accost a fellow customer – announcing to them we had arrived for our booking, after their blank expression we embarrassingly took a seat and the actual waitress came to take our much needed drinks order. ‘Chilli Chicklet’ a spicy tequila based cocktail with lemon and honey. It was delicious, and certainly got the taste buds tingling. I ordered the house White, arguably a more appropriate choice to cut through the impending rich flavours.
          First we attacked a dozen wings, opting for a smothering of sour and spicy chilli which really delivered – packing a punch, yet a sweet tang that left our sauce covered mouths craving more. Dipping these into the garlic crème fraîche was probably the highlight of the night – we’ll certainly be back for more.clutchfood
           Next up, the main event: “Guilt free fried chicken”. Peppery buttermilk legs and thighs a.k.a “The Clutch”, which you can also have cooked in sweet soy garlic. Lewis’ excitement at Gravy in the sauce menu meant that it had to be the buttermilk. It really was like healthy* and gourmet KFC! The batter was delicious, the chicken tender, and the gravy combo was excellent. Plus the gravy at Clutch has the added bonus it must be less artery clogging than the magical grease sweep that goes into the Colonel’s “gravy”. The sides we had were the grilled corn and creamy slaw, the truffle aioli was utter decadence (for £1?!) and a real sensation with the crispy skin on fries.
           We finished with the warm nutty brownie..
We didn’t need this, we were overly full, but it tasted as good as it looked.
CIQrNHWXAAApJaN            We will definitely be back for more, it is a great mid week eat if you crave some fried chicken within social hours. If you are a local (or just lazy) they use Deliveroo, which seemed to be a very popular choice given the constant flow of delivery men.

*probably not that healthy

4 Ravenscroft St, London E2 7QG
020 7729 4402



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